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GB 50168-2006 pdf download

GB Standards 03-05
GB 50168-2006 pdf download

GB 50168-2006 pdf download,Code for construction and acceptance of cable system electric equipment installation engineering.
Article 1.0.1 The establishment of this code is on purpose to ensure the constructionquality of installation engineering of cable lines,to promote the technical improvement ofthe construction of cable lines and to ensure a safety work of cable lines.
Article 1.0.2 This code specifies the technical requirements of construction and
acceptance of installation work and structures facilities of electric and cable system (cablesystem as follows)
Article 1.0.3 This code is applicable for construction and acceptance of the installationengineering of electric power cable lines or control cable lines that work with a voltage of500 kv or lower.
Article 1.0.4 The installation engineering of cable lines with special requirement such asthose applicable for mines,ships,metallurgy and Chemistry shall be in accordance with thecorresponding rules of the profession.
Installation of cable lines shall be conducted in accordance with approved design.
Article 1.0.5 The adopted cable as well as its appendixes shall be in accordance with theregulations of the running technical standards of the country and qualified certificates shallbe available.The equipment shall be with proper nameplate.
Article 1.0.6 The safety technical measures adopted in construction shall be in accordancewith this code as well as the running safety technical standards and product technicaldocuments.The safety technical measures shall be set down beforehand for importantconstruction projects or procedures.

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